Thursday, April 26, 2007

All I have to say is ...

... that I have nothing to say.

Okay, that isn't entirely true.

My mom emailed me with some very bad news yesterday: One of my cousins was in a car accident and her 3 y/o girl was killed as a result of the accident. I can't imagine the pain she's going through right now.

The new job is going pretty well so far. Some days are a bit slow, but I'm told that it isn't unusual, especially since I'm new and don't have any regular clients assigned to me yet. I have taken on 3 new clients for the company since I started, which feels good. One of them turned out to be the mayor of Tustin, CA. He and his wife are very nice people.

Let's see ... hmm ... while driving to a client's office I witnessed traffic come to a complete halt and people rushing out of their cars to come to the aid of a mother duck and her ducklings trying to cross the busy multi-lane road. I couldn't help but smile while I watched a mixed group of soccer moms and businessmen give them an escort.

This entry doesn't know what else to say.

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Kyo Kyo said...

Im never going to try a job interview im going to mental if i do...