Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I've got the fever...

... okay, more like I've got A fever.

I ended up leaving work early yesterday because I was starting to feel feverish and achy; the typical signs of a flu. I went straight home and started resting.

This morning I woke up feeling hotter -- the thermometer verified this to be true -- so I called in sick and decided to sweat it out. This is a tactic I've used to fight fever since I was a teenager: If my fever is 101° or lower, I'll try bundling up in multiple blankets and sweating it out. If it's higher, I'll try Tylenol or Advil (or their generic equivalent) and/or a cold shower to bring it down, then try to sweat it out. I've never put much thought into it, since I only continue to do it because it has worked so well in the past.

Christine gave me a call to check on how I was feeling and I told her about my methods. It struck me as odd that I had never really investigated the reasons for a fever and why the body does what it does, so I decided to look it up. I now share this knowledge with you:

Fever - Wikipedia
A kid's guide to fever
Fever - How Stuff Works

Seems as though the reasoning and logic behind my fever-fighting methods are pretty good!

This entry is feeling much better now.

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Kyo Kyo said...

Once i got so sick i was shaking and i cried in my sleep. Thats delusional life a teen has. -shivers- thanx for the advice i hope ill laugh one day if my cat hasnt ended up killing me by then T.T